Companies that list their shares for sale on the Long-Term Stock Exchange will be required to publish a series of policies that focus on long-term value creation and are designed to provide shareholders and other stakeholders with insight into the way that companies operate and build their businesses for the long term.
Our listing standards are designed to create a new public market experience that aligns modern companies and investors focused on creating value over generations.
Michelle Greene
President Emeritus

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5 principles:

Long-term focused companies should consider a broader group of stakeholders and the critical role they play in one another’s success.
Long-Term Stakeholder Policy
A policy explaining how the company operates its business to consider all of the stakeholders critical to its long-term success, including:
dotWhich stakeholder groups the company considers critical to long-term success
dotThe company’s impact on the environment and its community
dotThe company’s approach to diversity and inclusion
dotThe company’s approach to investing in its employees
dotThe company’s approach to rewarding its employees and other stakeholders for contributing to the company’s long-term success

Long-term focused companies should measure success in years and decades and prioritize long-term decision-making.
Long-Term Strategy Policy
A policy explaining how the company prioritizes long-term strategic decision-making and long-term success, including discussion of:
dotWhat time horizon the company considers long-term
dotHow this time horizon relates to the company’s strategic plans
dotHow the company aligns success metrics with its long-term time horizon
dotHow the company implements long-term prioritization throughout the organization

Long-term focused companies should align executive compensation and board compensation with long-term performance.
Long-Term Compensation Policy
A policy explaining the company’s alignment of executive compensation and board compensation with the company’s long-term success and long-term success metrics.

Boards of directors of long-term focused companies should be engaged in and have explicit oversight of long-term strategy.
Long-Term Board Policy
A policy explaining the engagement of the company’s board of directors in the company's long-term focus, including discussion of whether the board and/or which board committee(s), if any, have explicit oversight of and responsibility for long-term strategy and success metrics.

Long-term focused companies should engage with their long-term shareholders.
Long-Term Investor Policy
A policy explaining how the company engages with long-term investors.

Building for Generations: Foundations of the LTSE Listing Principles
A white paper describing why we selected these 5 principles and policies and the extensive research supporting them.